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Pink Yeti Army  -  The official Guild Community Website for SamboNZs Guild Wars 2 Lets Play YouTube...
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VampeHI every one I have been gona awhile and I wonder is anyone i still playing GUild Wars 2 ?

I am gona buy archage I think shoud I ? is anyone gona buy it too or is anyonplaying would be nice if I got to play with some of you guys
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Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)   it is F2P unless you are wanting to get patron status? but you can get by without paying :sick: many are playing including me. Small amount of us are still playing GW2. Me only every so often.
Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)Let's wish Bacca21woo, Xenwing and Deeb a Happy Birthday Today! :sick:
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Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)With a Happy Birthday to SwiftIllusion, Nkagnyto and MrMicrowave today! Hope it is a good one :sick:
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Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)Wish a Happy Birthday to koracick, Scionix and Steph today!
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OG_AugeyStreaming Strife again would really appreciate it if you would come and check it out [link]
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Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)Help me wish Harmony and icedragon2501 a Happy Birthday today! :3
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Za Zap   Happy Birthday to you both! :sick:
Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)This video answers the most important of questions XD
How Far Can You Punt An Asura?
The most important question in Guild Wars 2, answered at las...
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Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)[link]
Much hype for Gamescom!
Why You Should be Excited for Gamescom - IGN UK Podcast
The UK podcast crews discusses the games they're most lookin...
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Zellie Hylia (KoolLoz)Wish Happy Birthday to Mabelpye, Leon Nogic, Sassy, meluvyoulongtime and Skyzhema today! Have cake guys :sick:
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sambonzI updated the video on the home page to remind us all of how it all started, back in GW1, with that wicked witchy-poo Reggie =)
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sambonzHi All,

Thank you very much for recent messages and concerns regarding the Pink Yeti Army site, and more importantly for your offers to fund it.
Please be assured that funding is not the issue here, as I am more than happy to spend the relatively small amount required to champion a community around a game that I support.

This, however, is where I have an issue at the moment.

I am in the middle of deciding whether or not to keep the PYA site going, and that is due solely to my discontent with ArenaNet and NCSoft, and my likely pending decision to no longer support their game titles.

I will be making a public statement about this decision, and the reasons thereof, in the near future.

I have allowed the site to recently lapse but the decision process is taking longer than expected, and as such I have re-enabled the PYA site for now.

Please be aware that in all likelihood I will be posting a message to announce my cessation of GW2 (and Wildstar etc) support in the near future, however I do not wish to leave our wonderful PYA members 'out in the cold'.
I will work with Distant World to fold PYA into the Distant World Community Website where there will always be a welcoming and established thriving community to interact with.

More info to follow on the future - stay tuned.

With thanks,
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Vextrex   Thanks for the info Sambo. I know its a tough decision and your GW1 videos are what got me into GW and other MMOs in general. I fully support you and understand the horrible position you've been put in. Thanks for all you do!
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